Is your Vision fulfilling your Purpose in your life this year?

Dear friends who access this website,

If this is your first time to listen to any of my presentation on YouTube or written article, I am honored to be with you today. I know you are entrusting me with your time and your heart and I pledge to be a good steward of both. If not and you have listened one or more of my presentations before, my presentation today is not going to be different in principle since it is hinged on my core mission which is “to transform the latent energy of the Kenyan people and others in the rest of the world into active energy so that they are able to live a fulfilled life’’. Further, my vision has a picture of this which is,” transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.”

That is how I wish to live. It’s how I attempt to express my passion and core commitments. It is how I envision my own legacy. I want to be a symbol of higher yield, in life and in death. What about yourselves? Have you committed yourselves to live your purpose through a divine vision this year?

I wish to state at this juncture that I make no much claim of ownership or originality in some statements that I use here in this presentation. What distinguishes them is that I have been able, by the grace of God to prepare them for the ear and edit them for the heart and if you are ready to put your boat in water, you are welcome. It is my hope and prayer that you will be encouraged and enriched as you read. I know you are the jury and the judge, let the evidence of speak.

Before we explore further on this topic, I wish to ask you a question. “If I hold a seed in my had What would you say I hold ?” You would say I hold a seed. That would be a fact but not the full truth. The truth is I hold a tree in my hand. You see a seed but God says, “It is a forest.” Therefore God hides the future of everything in itself. In every seed God hid a forest. In every little boy, God hides a man. In every little girl, God hides a great woman. In them together, a generation, a dynasty of generations. Therefore you are a seed in which He has placed a great generation. In fact He designed us for accomplishment, engineered us for success and endowed in us with seeds of greatness. Your value in this world is not determined by your position in society or your size but by function and your function is your purpose.

I went to one of the shopping malls and was   saw a lot of cars parked outside the parking bay. They reminded me about the information I have about a car engine. If you were one of the owners of these cars, let me tell you that your car has about 60,000 parts. One of those parts is the battery which has the power. Its cost is about 10,000 shillings. There is also a little red wire that costs approximately 200 shillings. The battery may claim it has the power but let me tell you dear friends that the car cannot move if the small wire does not do its function. The terminal wire was created to transmit electrical current from the battery to the generator and to the engine to ignite the spark plugs that provide the fire to turn the pistons and turn the engine over. In the domain of electrical transmission the terminal wire is in charge and that is its purpose.

The terminal wire’s purpose is to transmit electrical current to the engine; Paul’s purpose was to preach to the heathen. In other words his purpose was to preach and nothing else. Look at Galatians 2:7-9: “They saw that I had been entrusted with the task of preaching the gospel to the Gentiles, just as Peter had been to the Jews. For God who was at work in the ministry of Peter as an apostle to the Jews, was also at work in my an apostle to the Gentiles.”

Paul knew his purpose and he also knew Peter’s purpose. Each one’s mission was so well defined that others knew what it was and respected it. In fact Paul’s purpose was so clear to him that he refused to baptize people.

Turning to Jesus, we know that He brought glory to the Father by doing the work He was sent to do. He did not glorify God by being doctrinally correct but by bringing glory to Him by being faithful to the purpose assigned to Him. You are too expected to glorify God in the same manner as you complete the assignment that has been set aside for you and you alone.

Remember that people tried to make Jesus a king, a political deliverer and a rabbi. Yet He resisted all those titles and roles because they were not consistent with His purpose. When He ran to the lost so to speak, He felt God’s pleasure. Bu He told the Pharisees, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Mathews 19:13). Isn’t it surprising to hear some people calling press conferences and announcing that their supporters have pressured them to seek leadership positions? This is lack of understanding. If your purpose and passion is to serve in a public office to influence policy changes for the benefit of many, then go for it. But do not embarrass yourself by declaring that it is people who have influenced you. Jesus for example never yielded to any pressure from any one- He knew what he wanted to do. For the joy of the purpose that was assigned to Him, He went through all kind of grief. Today He still seeks and saves the lost. You and I are certainly glad for that.

Vision: How do you know the vision you have  is from God? How do you distinguish personal ambition and divine vision? The answer to those questions is simple. If your vision improves only your life focuses only on your needs, fulfills only your private dreams, it is not divine vision but just bare ambition. Any true vision, motivated by the creator, will improve the lives of those around you.

Vision flows from your purpose and purpose is why you were born. It means then that vision comes when you see your purpose. That is to say in other words that when you can feel your purpose, you can see your vision. Therefore, vision is purpose in pictures.

Have you seen some men who are very passionate on certain tasks or activities? We say they have passion for their work. We can say further that passion is always motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction, and produced by a sense of purpose. If you are a leader in any area that you serve, then you need to know one thing about vision. Vision is the inspiration of leadership. Vision gives legitimacy to your leadership as it gives members of the department or organisation the noble justification for submitting their energies, talents, resources and dedication to a cause.

Vision and mission: Vision is not a mission. They are different. Most people confuse the two. A mission is a broad general statement about what you wish to accomplish. A written mission thus defines the purpose and justification of your personal existence. I went to make a presentation in a certain church and asked the leadership of the church to state what their vision was and they said, “To win the city for Jesus.” In my own opinion this is a mission. Jesus said, “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel.” Jesus said everyone should go and win the souls. Therefore vision is a product of a clear sense of purpose and deep inspiration. Take note that the bible is God’s written document of His vision.

I have taken time to tackle this topic the much I could. But before I end this presentation, I wish to share with you what I have learned about human beings and trees. Humans are the only life form that will do less than possibly can. Every other life form except human beings strives to its maximum capacity. How tall will a tree grow approximately? It grows as tall as it possibly can. You have never heard of a tree growing a half as high as it could. They spread their roots down as deep as possible; produce every leave possible and every fruit possible.

Even us human beings on certain aspects like trees we continue growing until we are done. But this only occurs on that part of life that we cannot control. It is genetically coded and that is probably why we keep growing until we are done. It is the rest of our growing that we control like the growing of our mind, our spiritual growth and the discovery of our divine vision and purpose that tends to get away from us.

Why can’t human beings strive to their maximum capacity? The reason is that we have been given the dignity of choice. It makes us different from trees and birds. The dignity of choice makes us different from all other life forms and here is the choice: to become part of what we could be in order to get by or to become all that we can be. My best advice to you friends this year is to choose all by identifying your purpose, pursuing it, persisting on it and finally have God’s presence.

This is important for you  because purpose will tell you where you are going, pursuit will enable you take steps towards where you are going and persistence will keep you going until you get there. But divine presence will make the seal. If God be for you, who can be against you this year?