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Mission: To transform the latent energy in Kenyan people and others in the rest of the world into active energy to enable them live a fulfilled life.

Profile: MBA in Finance and Banking, BE (Dip), a professional accountant and member of the institute of certified public accountant of Kenya (ICPAK), member of the Institute of Directors (Kenya), a professional public secretary (CPS), a certified trainer, a certified integrity assurance officer, has been a lecturer at Moi Institute of Technology, has been a part-time lecturer at both Kenya polytechnic and University of Nairobi, a motivational speaker and former Investment Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kenya Pipeline Pension Schemes among other responsibilities.

Some Key Motivational Talks:

1. ‘Attaining Full Potential’ at a conference of Students Leaders Conference at Bomas of Kenya in April 2011.

2. ‘Arising above your first mistake’ at a conference of Certified Securities and Investment Analysts  held at Laico (Grand Regency) Nairobi organised by KASNEB.

3. ‘Achieving results through people’ – CDF National Board at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi

4. ‘The difference between a loser and a winner’ at   Seminar organised by Co-op Trust Board of Trustees held at Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi.

5. ‘What made the greatest leaders so great’— Benki Kuu  Sacco Special General Meeting at KUSCO Centre.

6. “The purpose of Life” –Conference of SDA accountants drawn from the ‘East African Union’

7. “Servant Leadership”- Conference of 3,000 women leaders from ‘Nyamira SDA conference’

8. “Linking Leadership to Legacy” – Conference of all pastors from ‘Central Kenya SDA conference’

And many others!

Written and Published Articles:

1.  “Let us meet the force of Hate with the Power of Love and Reconciliation”, , Journal of the Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Kenya, March-April 2008.

2. “Golden Rules of Managing a Multi-ethnic Society”, The Accountant, Journal of the  Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, February – March 2009.

3. “Redeeming the Honor and Dignity of our Nation”, The Accountant, Journal of the institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, August – September 2009.

4. “Calling on Leaders to Lead”, A publication of National Co-coordinating Agency for Population Development (Kenpop News), Vol. 3 Issue 2, April-June 2009.

5. “The Greatest Risk is Taking No Risk at All”, The Accountant, Journal of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, December – January 2010.

6. “Linking Leadership to Legacy,” Management Journal, Dec.- Jan, 2012

7. “The Price of Greatness is the Greatness of the Price,” Management Journal, February, 2012

8. “Follow yourself before Leading,” Management Journal, April, 2012.

9. “Cracks in the wall of Character,” Management Journal, May, 2012

10. “Out of Turbulent Times Grow Great Leaders,” The Accountant, Journal of the institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, June, 2012.

I am in the process of completing my book entitled: “DO NOT CUT WHAT YOU CAN UNTIE.”